Reagan is One!

well well well 
our sweet sunshine of a baby is now O N E! 
i love her so much and she is such an incredibly happy baby
she loves to play on her own and is never looking to be the center of attention 
you just have to make sure she doesn't get left out because she will NOT let you forget about her. haha. 
if you know me by now, you know that making someone feel special is what I like to do best. 
and when it comes to a birthday in my family, I HAVE to do something. 
Making each family member feel loved is hands down what i love to do the most. 
I try and go all out. 
with decorations, their favorite food, and dessert. 
Don't be afraid to go all out for your loved ones.  
I will literally decorate my house and put in the time and effort into it any day of the week to show my family they're so special even on a Wednesday haha. 
Whether it's a promotion, a birthday party, a coming home from a TDY, an award, a dog turning a year old, I WILL do something. I love celebrating milestones. 
my family is the most special to me so i will always try to make them feel the most special. 
You don't need a ton of guests to make it a party. 
This year it was just us with the addition of our two close friends that were stationed in Missouri with us and are stationed here in Texas as well! how awesome is that?

I bought my toddler a tablet and instantly regretted it

I found my heart in homemaking

I used to be ashamed or slightly embarrassed to tell others that I was a homemaker. I felt that it made me less of a person because I wasn't waking up to leave to a full time job in the morning. 
Then one day I stopped caring what others thought and started caring more about what God thought. 
If there is one thing I wish people would stop saying to homemakers is "so do you plan on going back to work?" as if being a stay at home mother isn't "work". 
It's work. It's endless. It's exhausting. It's an unpaid job.  

if your a duck i'm a duck

It was the afternoon of my bridal shower when the " how well do you know your groom" questionnaire was in full effect. for every incorrect answer, I had to stuff a giant marshmallow in my mouth.

{WHICH BY THE WAY WAS TOTALLY RIGGED. I got so many right answers but on paper they were "wrong". When I confronted Reece about the answers to these questions, he said he made up answers to keep it interesting haha, whatever!}

how the story of a table changed the way I looked at "stuff"

when life hands you a deployment make goals happen

Whew. This deployment has come and gone. 
Praising Jesus for providing me the courage and strength to embrace the season of separation and to find opportunities to grow as a wife, mother, and woman. 

I made goals. I stayed busy. I was successful. I also failed. I had little sleep. I got sick.I cried A LOT. I fought and overcame depression. I pushed through constant fear and worry. 

It wasn't easy. Not even a for a second. but I knew that if I wasn't proactive and productive about handling this deployment it was going to be a very hard and very stressful few months. 

I changed my mindset the day I dropped Reece off at the airport.