It's finally here ladies! I just want to say thank-you so much for that little push in the hinny to start this little space of mine! I hope you all enjoy following along to all the wonderful things I would love to share with you.

Before my grandpa passed away he always had several ideas on what I could pursue in life.

When he came to visit my husband & I's home here in the Midwest, he took a look around & said, "You should be an Interior Designer. Have you ever thought about being an Interior Designer?"

When I would write him & my grandma letters, he would tell me that I should be a writer, because when I write it sounds as if I'm in the room speaking directly to you!

When he was getting cancer treatments & testing done, he would tell my Grandma that I would be good at (insert medical specialty here) at that given time.

So, there were really only two things I could possibly think of based on all his thoughts:

A.) I really need to do something with my life ASAP
B.) He must think I would be amazing at everything....that's how I decided I'm going to interpret it anyway ;)

What I do know is this. He was an encourager & I hope in the same way I can encourage & inspire you through here.

Although I may never become an interior designer professionally, I hope you will find home interior inspiration on here.

Although I may never write a New York Times Best Seller, I hope you love & enjoy reading about this God given journey of mine on here.

Although I more than likely won't be the one to find a cure for cancer, I do believe the power of prayer can be sufficient & I hope I express that true faith of mine & it radiates through you as well.

I can't wait to share all my thoughts & ideas of recipes, home décor, my adventures, DIY, beauty, my deep love for the Lord, family & love.
                                                         Stay Tuned!
                                                                xoxo Jordan


  1. J, absolutely love this! Can't wait for more posts <3

  2. Love it! So excited to follow...love you!

  3. I'm so excited about this!! Can't wait to read more.. XOXO

  4. Im so happy to see you are going along with this. Your gonna be great. I mean you already are just being yourself shows just how unique of a person you are. Love ya for believing in yourself and giving others inspiration through your blogging. Cant wait to see and read more from you girl! God Bless you!