A happy home is a happy heart

Many of you have primarily been interested in my home decor! Which I love so much. It brings such a smile to my face when I receive your sweet compliments. I plan on doing "room tours" soon, but please bear with me as I'm still trying to catch on to this whole blogging thing & I want to make sure I can take really clear pictures for you! 

So I thought I would kind of explain my personal interior style & my favorite places to shop for home decor.

I don't have a particular style! It's kind of a big jumbled mess of different home interior inspirations in one home. I will say that I do lean heavily towards classic southern/country styles when it comes to prints, architecture, and design. I've always had such a strong love affair with the south & it's culture & as I get older I gravitate more and more towards the south. My husband & I will be laying down our roots out in the country sometime in the near future, & I would love to spend a lot of time in South Carolina, but when I have a born & raised Tennesseean for a husband, I know that unless the military somehow brought us to SC..Tennessee will be our forever home. As he says " I have Tennessee tattooed on my back for cryin' out loud, we can't live anywhere else!!" I don't blame him one bit.Tennessee is my favorite place to be & I could talk your head off about the love i have for the gorgeous state & my family that reside there but I will save that for another time as I think I was trying to explain to you my interior design style?! 

So yes, I love southern living magazine for lots of home ideas! 
I would also say that I gravitate towards soft & light color palettes when it comes to paint, linens such as sheets & curtains, and furniture. I love the look & feel of a soft & bright space. I love that feminine touch in a home.

I'm all about simplicity, but the small details as well! how does that make sense?!
I rely heavily on antique stores & estate sales when it comes to mirrors, furniture, kitchenware, linens, trinkets, vases, little touches like that. 

I try really hard to steer away from target & ikea & similar stores for certain items because I don't want my home to look generic. Like when you walk in, I don't want you to think " oh my gosh your house is so cute it reminds me of Target." 

My number one most important factor is coziness!!!! When you walk into my home I want it to feel like a place you could spend time in for hours. To feel at home, and safe. So I am always working towards filling my home with lots of extras to make it feel full & warm if that makes any sense! 

Here's a list of some of my favorite shops that I go to that help me create our space: 
1.) floral shop/grocery stores: Fresh flowers are a must for me. They're beautiful & create such a pretty atmosphere when you have them out on your kitchen counter, entryway table, or side table in your living room. 

2.) thrift/antique stores: I can't believe how many women don't utilize these. They're amazing & I can spend hours in them finding one of a kind pieces that just bring such a coziness to my home. Probably my favorite place to shop is antique stores. I love a bargain!

3.) home goods: gah I love love love home goods! I love their prices & they are a bit trendy, so I tend to go there when I want to find pretty side lamps, pillows, and almost all my picture frames are purchased from there. Can't give home goods enough praise. 

4.) hobby lobby: wonderful for cute seasonal decor & also picture frames. What woman doesn't love hobby lobby?!

5.) ETSY. Yes yes yes!! I can't even begin to tell you how much I have spent on customized artwork or one of a kind pieces off etsy. I totally believe in supporting small businesses & everytime I get something in the mail from someone's shop I get so excited!! I'm not a crafty person at all & I usually end up spending the same if not more money doing it myself instead of just having it done for me. 
I also get a lot of prints off Etsy. Some that are delivered & others that get sent directly to your email & you print them off & stick it in a frame!! Super easy. 

6.) Target: for rugs, kitchenware, pillows & throws & seasonal decor items. 

7.) bath & body works: for 3-wick candles. Yep that's it. I honestly would be ashamed to show you my closet of candles from there. I typically don't use the whole candle up in one season so I just store them & bring out the next seasons scents!!! 

I believe in a clean home. Like almost a perfectionist. Like I get it from my daddy. Like he used to make me scrub the tile grout with a toothbrush when I would get in trouble, or steam the floors. OH DEAR LORD HOW I HATED STEAMING THE TILE FLOORS. Or the base boards. Yes, when we (meaning my little brother & I) had to clean our bedroom that included wiping down the base boards, closet doors & bedroom doors. 

Some may call that obsessive, but guess what..as an adult I do it now, and my home feels so fresh & always smells so clean. Plus, you need to take care of the things you have if you want them to look & stay their best. Am I right?! 

Though I have learned that you can over clean. For awhile I was always vacuuming my bedroom & dusting & polishing, & my mom said that I was going to get sick because I wouldn't have any germs/bacteria to continue to help keep my immune system strong. She's a nurse. I believe her. So I laid off the Lysol. 

ANYWAYS, I hope this helps & I will surely share with you pictures of my house soon! 
Feel free to message me if you have any specific questions!