This week has been full of lots of quiet. I mean lots.

Early mornings & quiet afternoons are really part of my daily routine lately. For the most part I don't mind it, except when your husband has weekend duty & your quiet work week also turns into a quiet weekend. No complaints here though as I'm simply thankful for this beautiful warm(er) day. 

Sometimes in all the quiet I feel discontment start to creep up.I feel like I'm not doing enough. So 
many women I know are in different stages of their life, and sometimes it makes me wonder if I am 
in the "wrong" stage. Some are pursuring their degree, some are new parents, or just recieved an offer 
for an amazing career opportunity. Some are still single & enjoying every moment of their social life, adventures & free will. I ask God, "where do I fit in? Am I not doing enough? What about my plan & my future? What's next?" 

Through continual prayer, I've learned & am continually learning about contentment. Letting go of all my plans I've wanted for the future & listening to God. I can't begin to describe the burden that is off my shoulders. I pray for God to place the desires he knows I want & need in my heart each morning, & I pray that he shows me & directs me along my path. 

This time & place of quiet and being at home is where God wants me right now. Learning about the woman I am, the wife I need to be, the homemaker that I want to be. The neighbor that needs to learn 
community & serving. 

This isn't to say I don't have dreams or desires, but in Gods perfect timing, I keep faith that if it is in his will some of those desires I have will present itself in the most beautiful way possible.

I read this devotional today & just loved it! 
"The word accept is especially important because it means to let go & trust. Acceptance teaches me 
to have faith that God is in every situation, and the outcome will be right for all involved. When I live in acceptance, I am safe, serene, and at peace.

It was the perfect reminder to remember that this is where I need to be. In the quiet, learning about the Lord, taking care of my home, my husband, and training my 6 month hound puppy to walk on a leash. { I tell you, it's extremely difficult,trying to train a sport hound dog. UGH so hard. Lots of pulling, smelling, chasing the leaf that blows by, barking at the cars, dragging his momma through the grass & having a sore bum the next day. I can't wait until we are living out in
 the country so he can roam his little heart out.}

So in all that, I smile, because I am content. I am so thankful. 

Side Note: I have been getting back to reading, and I love it so very much. Currently reading:
Yes I still check out books at the library :) have a beautiful & relaxing Saturday! 

Xoxo Jordan 

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  1. It's good to see that you're looking inward in a positive way and you're content with yourself! Love Dad!!