Snow Day!

Happy Monday & Presidents Day! 

My weekend was full of lounge pants, snuggled under a blanket watching back to back episodes of scandal. Ok..I know I'm late getting started on the show & I see many people raving about it. It's definitely worth all the hype! I am obsessed!
Reece & I also made it to the city Saturday morning & enjoyed an early breakfast at Cracker Barrel..we love us some Cracker Barrel. We wake up really early before the sun! Get dressed & head out! The fire was even going that morning which made it extra cozy!

We then went right to bass pro shop, then he took me to target for coffee & just to look around! Yep! I left with nothing! 

We headed on back home where we watched a movie & made dinner together! 

On Sunday Reece woke up at about 5 am which means I woke up at 5 am too. He left to go hunting & I watched more episodes of scandal with a cup of coffee! Haha. 

I did manage to bake a little something for when he got back from hunting. I made blueberry struessel 
muffins that were oh my gosh deliclous! 

Today was another early morning as usual & reece & I watched the news & had some coffee & since he has the day off he went hunting again.

We woke up to a beautiful white covered day & it's still falling! 
So today I am going to do a few chores, but enjoy the snow as much as I can! 
I am also putting lots of thought into what I am giving up for lent. I usually give up the same thing each year which is social media. IE: No Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs. Things Iike that. I love it because I feel like I can breathe, I'm focused on my own life instead of everyone else's. I've thought about making it permanent, but Reece thinks I should keep my blog. We will see. It's been on my heart everyday this past week, and living more simply & in the now seems much more fulfilling than devoting time to social media. I'll pray about it!

I hope your day is beautiful!