winter blues

I haven't been on top of posts lately. Primarily because I've been really sick all last week! 
I've been to the clinic twice, the ER, & a specialist. In addition to showing flu symptoms! Yuck!

My husband has been great at trying to nurse me back to health.
I did have a relaxing weekend despite my illness. 

On Friday we drove to the city (by that I mean Kansas City. We live in the middle of nowhere so it's at least a 20 minute drive to civilization & an hour to the city!) for a doctors appointment. Then we went to Target because it's just a place I HAVE to go to whenever we're up there. I got some coffee & scored this super cute door mat for 11 bucks!

We headed home afterwards. We're such homebodys now & I don't mind it one bit! 
I also recieved some of the cutest head pieces in the mail from the cutest etsy shop. She creates headwraps & accessories for you + your little babe! 

Here's the link to her shop if you're interested:two sparrow headbands

On Saturday morning he went hunting & I made some scones! We did make it to town & browsed our local antique store.
I also worked on our gallery wall & I think it's coming along nicely! 

Mirrors: antique store / Large print: Kohls / Small 5x5 Print: redletterwords
gold print:oneworddesigns

   On Sunday I managed to gain enough energy to help prepare our Super Bowl feast. 
   I won't even take all the credit my husband did a lot! I directed & he did the labor! 
   I'm not huge on football, but it was fun to snack & just watch it together in our own home. 
   Plus it snowed the majority of the game so that made it kinda extra special! 

Uh so yummy! Everything was homemade & took ALL day. Well worth it! 
During the game I just did a couple of DIY projects. Like this Valentine's Day garland I put together that took about 5 minutes! 

   Now I'm off to cook some broccoli cheddar soup & watch our shows :) 
   Have a wonderful evening! 
                                     Xoxo Jordan 


  1. You are so cute, and I love everything about this.. Well besides the fact that you were sick of course! Praying for a full recovery!!! 😘😘