make it a double

Happy Happy Monday Ya'll!
My weekend was quiet, per usual. Reece spent all day Sunday fishing, so it was just Pete & I per usual. I spent a lot of time working out, drinking coffee, catching up on my shows, making plans & writing lists. I hope ya'll had a good weekend as well!

I thought I would share what I use to make my coffee. I mean
A.) Is this not the perfect post for a Monday ?
B.) I love love coffee so I thought it would be neat to share how I drink it!
C.) how cute is this top? It's actually a pajama top that I purchased from forever 21. it comes with cute matching shorts too!
D.) the mug was purchased from Target, before we got married I came across this one & the one with the R shown below. They are really big which I like!
ok so to start off, I kind of created a little coffee area on our counter. we are both coffee drinkers in the morning, so I kind of wanted to make a cute little space for our coffee maker, mugs, etc.
the little black hooks were individually purchased from Hobby Lobby. They have a plethora of different styles & designs to choose from, and I thought if we got a couple I could hang a few mugs up! I love how it came out. I'm still deciding whether or not to paint them a different color, but it works fine for now!
As far as our coffee maker is concerned we just requested a rather standard coffee maker on our wedding registry, which we were gifted! I'm not a fan of Keurig's. My roommate & I had one in our apartment, I also had one at the bank I previously worked at. It's something about the taste of the coffee that tastes so generic? I'm not sure how to describe it, but regardless of brand used I really never enjoyed the taste.
To the right of our coffee maker we have a mini grinder for our coffee beans. We've both noticed that grinding up our own coffee beans gives a much bolder flavor! it's so yummy this way! I believe we learned that from my Uncle this past December when he would make us coffee in the mornings. 
Now time for the good stuff. After the coffee has been brewed, I grab the essentials.
I used to just drink my coffee black with sugar, same as Reece. I primarily did that because I felt that creamer made me feel extra bloated after I would finish a cup.
our coffee of choice is Peet's...which I believe we also got from my uncle. We used to try every brand on the shelf, just to try something new, but I just want to give Peet's endless hugs because it really is the best ever!! Now, I'm not sure where they carry it, because our local walmart does not carry Peet's Coffee, but thankfully the commissary does!
I've been adding unsweetened vanilla almond milk to my coffee & ooooh lawwdy it's delish. I mean it!
Instead of using regular sugar (which you'll notice is on my counter in a cute sugar glass pourer)
 I've switched to Stevia. Reece still uses the regular stuff, but I'm loving throwing in two packets of stevia with mine!
and that's it! It's really simple, but oh so good, and this morning when I was having my regular cup I said to myself...that's it, I need to share this with the world.