Muddy Paws & Gratitude

Each morning Reece & I enjoy our coffee in the living room with Pete sound asleep next to one of us. As Reece was catching up on the news I pulled out my daily devotionals & today's devotionals were so true to my heart that I wanted to share.
Today's devotionals reflected gratitude. Something that I am always, always, always trying to keep at the front of my mind. With almost anything I do, I'm always trying to remember to be thankful.
When I drink my coffee in the morning, I thank God for allowing me to enjoy this coffee, to enjoy it with the person I love, in a home that keeps us warm.
When I make my bed in the morning, I thank God for being able to sleep & wake up in the morning in a warm comfy bed.
 When I eat supper, we thank god for the food on our table.
When I receive comments or compliments, from friends on social media, I thank God for sweet people that make me feel good & confident about myself.
you catch my drift!?
Source: Arielle Elise Photography
" A Thankful mind-set keeps you in touch with me....A grateful attitude becomes a grid through which you perceive life. Gratitude enables you to see the light of my presence shining on all your circumstances. Cultivate a thankful heart, for this glorifies me, and fills you with Joy. "
- Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
I love this reminder. I notice how much my attitude changes when I'm thankful for anything & everything in my life. When I'm struggling, I'm thankful to be alive to experience this struggle. To learn from this struggle of whatever it may be.
For Example, when I've spent a long time scrubbing & mopping the floor in the kitchen area when my puppy comes running in the house covered in mud running & sliding across my wet floor. Leaving muddy paw prints in his wake, to have my husband walk in minutes later & leave his boot prints along the floor because he didn't realize it was wet.
When this happened, initially I was upset, I didn't show it though. I stopped & took a breath then changed my mindset. I immediately became thankful for those paw prints, for my husband being able to walk in the door & dirty up the clean floor. Instead of being filled with frustration or annoyance, I became filled with joy & laughter.
Source: Arielle Elise Photography
" Some days I may lose sight of my abundance. At such times, I turn within. I focus on the many blessings I have experienced in my life. In gratitude for those blessings, I replace any thoughts of lack with an affirmation of abundance. "
- Daily Word
Having gratitude always on the forefront of my mind helps sustain & re-affirm my faith.
I would rather be faithful than faithless, and some days it's hard. Some days or maybe even a couple weeks I'm not as devoted or strong as I should be, but he loves me. I know he loves me always.
For that, I am thankful.

* Pictures: Arielle Elise Photography*