My lovely list

I love lists. I make them all the time for everything! I have specific notebooks for specific lists! I would almost consider it a hobby. 

Me being the girl that I am, I have a list of items I would love to have/want. I can't be the only girl that does this. My best friend & I have always done this. In the back of our planners we would have a list of things that we wanted or behind our to do list would be that nail polish color, cute handbag, makeup product, adorable top we wanted! 

As time goes on I'm always crossing them off the list, or re-writing my list to fit whatever I'm currently loving. 

I'm currently swooning over the following:

1. Bikini: I want a super cute bikini this summer! Reece & I plan on spending the majority of the time on the lake with a our friends, and a bikini that makes you feel pretty & confident is a must. I'm thinking I'll need a couple: One that is fun & bright and something that is frilly & girly. My heart really is head over heels for Jessie James Decker's Swimsuit Collection with Amore & Sorvete

2. The Body Shop's Bronzing oil! I can't wait to pair this with my sunless tan! I've tried out another bronzing oil before & it was pretty, but expensive. I returned it in hopes of purchasing something that is more affordable! This might be it!

3. Acrylic Keychain- I am all about bedazzling your keys! I've been eye ballin' a cute monogram keychain for awhile now.

4. Leopard Clutch- yes yes yes. I'm all about it, and want one! I've already found a boutique that has the most adorable leopard clutches & they monogram them for you! They're currently out of stock, but I emailed the owner & requested immediate notification of restock! I think it will be such a fun clutch for the summer..paired with a cute black sundress, or a bright pink dress! or..or.. with a light plaid printed top & daisy dukes! I have endless ideas.

5. VS Pink Silk Pajama set-These bad boys have had my heart for awhile. They are soft & feminine & oh so gorgeous to look at. At $70 though, I've been holding out & continually purchasing pj sets for about $12.50 at Forever 21! They're so cute, and so cheap! How can you not!

6. Bronzer- not just any bronzer but THE bronzer. It's overwhelming how many different type of bronzers that are on the beauty market, but I just want the perfect one! I'm thinking about giving the Too Faced one a try! The packaging itself is just too pretty!

7. Cross-Body purse- Yes, I want one. Hopefully soon. Kate Spade has a couple of cute ones that I'm just in love with, but so does Michael Kors. A good quality purse always does a woman good!

8. First Aid Beauty Purifying Clay Mask- I've heard wonderful things, and because I'm not ready to drop the money on the GlamGlow mask, I would love to give this a shot.

9. Okay what girl doesn't want the classic Tory Burch miller Sandals? Priced at about $200 I'm definitely saving my pennies.