Protein Waffles, Tom Hanks, and Tennessee

Good morning good morning!! Happy Happy Tuesday! 
I hope everyone is having a beautiful morning so far.

My husband & I have had protein waffles the past couple of mornings & we are loving them! Packed with protein & keeping me full much longer than cereal... which I've stopped eating for about 2 weeks or so! 

The only place I have been able to find Kodiak Cakes mix is at Target, but it's worth the 40 minute drive to get some!  I then just add a scoop of quest vanilla protein powder! So easy & good! I top mine with raspberries, blueberries & syrup! My hubby tops his with banana slices & syrup! Whatever floats your boat! 

I alternate between 3 different breakfast meals throughout the week that I'm thinking about sharing on here! 

Another fun snack I wanted to share is: 
These bad boys are oh so yummy & not to mention pretty! I mean come on, kettle corn popcorn drizzled with frosting & pretty sprinkles! What's not to love? They are a fun sweet treat! 

Other than really delving into my fitness journey not to much else is new. 
My husband & I decided to have a Tom Hanks movie weekend marathon. Which I highly recommend for a date night! Unless you don't like Tom Hanks...which would be the silliest thing I've ever heard. He happens to be my fav actor :)

We leave in a couple of weeks to Tennessee to see our family & I thought I would film our road trip & adventures. 

Today is full of chores, Vampire Diaries, and spin class :) 

Have a great day!