Skin care routine

Ok I have to say that cleansing my skin is honestly like life for me! I enjoy it so much. It puts me in such a meditative & relaxed state. I look forward to getting ready for bed because that means pjs & washing my face & it seriously brings me happiness. Is that weird ?

Well I thought I'd share with you my regime, because I'm loving it! I haven't switched it up in years! 
I was that 3 step Clinique kinda girl for so many years when I noticed that my skin wasn't really reacting to it anymore. So I've slowly added new products & so far I just enjoy it! 

I have very very sensitive skin & dry! So all these products definitely suit my skin type. They are also affordable which is a plus! 

Morning routine: 
If my eyes feel puffy, red, and dry I love using my Rhoto eye drops! They are extremely cooling & wake me up!

Then I cleanse with philosophy purity face wash 
(which is like omg where have you been my whole life!! Definitely the best face wash I've used so far)
- I follow that with Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel & moisture surge for that extra boost. I have been thinking about trying new morning moisturizers, but so far this is what I just have been using for years.
- I then spritz my face with Mario Badescu facial spray if I'm not wearing any makeup for the day. It is so refreshing, cooling, and hydrating! I can't say enough amazing things about this. Plus it's only like $7 so score!

Night routine:
If I'm wearing makeup I use PONDS evening soothe face wipes! They smell so yummy & get the job done as far as removing my makeup.
I'll use a cotton pad & the Oil-Free makeup remover for my eyes. It's really gentle in removing my eye makeup & mascara.

Then I cleanse with philosophy purity facial wash.

I spray Lush's Eau roma toner water over my face & neck. This stuff is so very light & gentle & smells very good.

For my night creams I moisturize with Mario Badescu Cavier night cream
& the Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream
**Love love love these two items! **

before bed I moisturize lips with Sara Happ lip treatment! Ghhhh the best stuff ever!!!!

Shower routine:
- I like to exfoliate my face & skin about every other day & I use Lush ocean salt for that! It smells good, gentle, not to mention it's so pretty! 

* every 2 or 3 times a week I do a face mask! I like trying new ones, and I have my eye on one but I like using up the products I have first! So I use the Clinique turnaround instant facial! It's awesome & I'm almost out! 
* I also do a lip treatment since my lips tend to get dry & cracked. After doing this it instantly smooths my lips & gives me the perfect application for lipstick or gloss. I use the Sara Happ lip scrub in peach & it's oh my goodness amazing stuff! You can find the scrub & lip treatment in a gift set off Nordstrom. There's more than one flavor to choose from! 

All these products you can find at your local drugstore, Ulta, Lush, or Nordstrom!