Spring Awakening


Oh my gosh happy spring ya'll !! I'm sorta excited to say that..then sorta not so much.
My husband & I have lots of fun things happening this spring, for example:
- we have a backyard & a place to plant our first tree together!
- we plan on hosting lots of bbq's this spring/summer with our friends! 
- hanging lights in our backyard for that summer ambiance 
- heading back to Tennessee in a few weeks! My favorite road trip every time!
- lots of fishing for him & spring cleaning for me
- picnics
- getting my closet ready for the warmer days ahead!
The few things I'm not excited for about spring:
- bugs! 
- tornado season
- tornado season
- tornado season

Oh, and the picture above is total spring inspiration for me! I love it!

Other than that I know I haven't shared a lot on here recently! Yet for good reason! 
I've been getting into my own routine! Starting with the gym. I have to tell ya I've gained 20 lbs since I've been married which is like jaw dropping, shut the front door, I can't even deal, for me. I went to the doctor a couple days ago & when I got on the scale I was like oh no girl. No. I've been going strong so far! I've been going to the gym 5 days a week & doing a lot of body weight exercises at home. I'm just starting back into using all the weight machines, which I love. 

Yesterday my sweet southern Alabama sister & I went to a spin class together, and it kicked our butt. We loved it, & I know it's going to be routine for us. Once we condition I know we'll be pros! 

I've changed my husband & i's eating habits. No more coke for this girl! So sad, but I have been drinking a TON more water which I'm really proud of. If I get sick of water, I have a jar of different kinds of crystal light & I just pick the flavor I'm feelin' & make a jug! 

My husband kind of calls it my pre-marriage diet, because when we were just young & dating my best friend & I had a very consistent healthy diet regime. Then I sealed the deal, and became a I gotta feed my man, home cookin', casserole loving, Betty Crocker kinda woman. 

No more! For now anyways. This girl is determined to lose these 20 lbs before she heads back home this summer!

I also purchased this tea a little while back, that I saw Jessie James Decker mention on her Instagram. That's when I was like ok I need to try it! I literally love her. Sue me! Now..I'm not a tea drinker. I'm just not. Unless it starts with sweet, don't offer me any! Buuuut I know all the wonderful benefits & yadda yadda so I said ok I'll start here! I may or may not have been sold by the adorable packaging & names for the tea.

So I tried it out, and I will say that it is good. I think it will be perfect over ice & it's very refreshing. I'm such a coffee drinker that I just don't drink the tea as often as I should, but I am determined to! So If you're a tea lovaaa' then this is something you must try! 
Hmmm what else is new! I'm loving this lenten season, I really have been refocusing on myself which has been needed for quite sometime! I really wanted my focus to be on Jesus & maybe this season Jesus is guiding me in a way that is providing me inner growth & I'll learn and feel more connected to him through this process. 

My husband & I have been spending much more attentive time together, & we've been taking Pete out in Reece's truck  down country roads with farmland surrounding us & boy does he just love love love it. Watching his ears flap in the wind, and when we make it to this adorable little lake with a fishing dock, Pete runs straight into the water!!! Gah It just melts my heart watching him feel so free & happy! 

We've been thinking about selling his truck & just using one car for now, or trading it in for a jeep! We haven't decided. Though a white jeep has always been a little dream of mine! We would love to have one in Tennessee. 

Side note: M.A.S.H. Yes that old popular 1970's series. We watch it every night before bed. It's hysterical! I absolutely love it & we're obsessed. That's one thing reece & I have in common is older television programs. They are just sooo good. I know this might sound like old news for some, but it's new for this girl & I had to share. 

Ok I'm off to enjoy my chicken salad for lunch! 


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  1. Your adorable Jordan. Im so glad to see things are going good and im happy your happy!!!!!! Tootles and miss and love ya girlie!!