Recently my husband & I rearranged our bedroom after i shampooed our carpets. Let me tell ya our space is so much more efficient, roomy yet cozy at the same time. After doing this rearranging I have been in the spirit of re-decorating our living room & kitchen. I'm currently working on our kitchen & brainstorming & making lists of how I want to decorate that space, yet right now I keep wandering back to our living room. The thing about our living room is I just don't like it. It's an awarkard floor plan which makes for an even more difficult desgin task for me! Once we can afford to decorate a little more we both agreed that our current couch must go & I already have it set in my heart what I want! Until then I have rounded up some of my favorite living room inspiration pictures I found on Pinterest!

I foresee lots of tan, gray, whites, and silvers in my living room. I've always enjoyed lots of candles, and warm tones in my living room. I also think we are going to sell our white coffee table & replace it with a wide wooden pallet one. I just love the rustic look of that. 

I want to have a pretty table setting on my coffee table. Tall candle holders, silk flowers, and a place to hold our remotes! 

Love all the silver! 

Cable knit pillows & cozy throw. Yes please! 

Have a wonderful weekend!!