City Life to Southern Housewife

Let me tell you a lil' bit of my story.
I grew up or shall I say lived in small town, which about 90% of those who read this know! It wasn't a small town with lots of charm, a town where everyone got along & outdoor labor was the source of income. It was a town that had many churches, a large retirement population, schools, and a Wal-Mart, and not far from the Mexico Border! It wasn't a southern country small town livin' lifestyle. I lived in a residential neighborhood & my daddy wore a tie and drove off to work & my dear mom stayed home and took care of us kiddos! I guess we fit that middle class suburbia kinda family. We never ate anything deep fried by that I hold true that my mom never once fried anything. We traveled often, and spent most of my childhood outside riding bikes with all the other kids in the neighborhood! My husband says I was very sheltered, and well I guess I was! I got good grades, too scared to talk back to my dad THAT often, Disney channel was my life, and was too much of a chicken to break the rules. Believe me when I say my husband is 1000x the opposite of ALL that. which I guess is why it works!
Sidenote: One time, I snuck into an R rated movie. It was Man on Fire to be exact. Though I purchased my ticket for 13 going on 30. I was so terrified that my dad was going to find out, that I snuck back into the actual movie I told him I was going to see. haha! such a wimp!
My love for the south started at a young age. Which you would think was odd! You see, this is going to sound so weird but as a little girl I always had dreams of  the south. Thinking back on it now, I dreamt the south to be the way it was in like the 1800s. I can't even explain it. As I got older I always pictured myself living on a farm, a lifestyle that was polar opposite of what I've known my whole life to be. I idealized the southern part of the United States to be what I read in books, and saw in movies! I would just think to myself: I love the way they talk, dress, eat, I love all the grass, and the history, the architecture.
Fast forward to days after my high school graduation: I flew to Lexington, Kentucky all by myself!
The days I spent there, I was just astonished of the lifestyle. The white picket fences, the beautiful horses, the green green grass, & the food! I saw parts of the countryside that I will never be able to forget. I remember one day my friend from Lexington said: "why are you taking pictures of the grass?" haha! Talk about a girl being surrounded by the desert her whole young life! I went to Kentucky almost every summer for the following 2 or 3 years? I don't remember, but as a young fresh faced girl the south had officially & forever stolen my heart.
Not to say that I didn't see less romantic parts of the south. I surely did. I saw poor parts, I saw blatant & pure racism between whites & blacks that I thought ended in the 60's. Things like that, you don't see on the west coast so much.
I started applying to colleges in the south because I knew I was going to make my move there. I just had to! Nothing was keeping me in Arizona. Expect a wonderful family, my best friend, and a new job that I was proud of. The southern dream died when life back home was busy & full of new experiences!
Fast Forward to the day I met my sweet southern country boy! To really wrap this up, I'll have to share our story on another post. We met, fell in love, got married, he took me to his home in Tennessee & my life could never have felt more complete. I love everything about Tennessee, there isn't another place in this country that I would rather be. I can't wait until we can build our own little home, and accomplish our dreams there.
Being married to a southern boy or shall I say country boy. I've learned from him that there's a huge difference between being southern and country. Put a few Jack + Cokes in him & he will talk your head off about it. I can see where he's coming from lifestyle wise, but still to keep it simple he's southern + raised in the country so he's both to me. So many perks & so many personal cons. Like putting on 20lbs.haha! Don't think for one second I don't love this job. Being a wife. I love it more than anything, I'm proud of it. I think every woman should think it an honor to be a good man's wife. I knew my whole life I wanted to be someone's wife, take care of our home, and have a large family.
I love this learning experience of embracing & loving the southern culture. I love the cooking & the baking more than you know. I know this might sound simple minded, but cooking for my husband literally makes my whole day. Setting the table, taking the time to cook or fry or bake whatever it is, I whole heartedly love it. I love having a whole family that is so deep rooted in the south that I get to learn from them everyday once we move. I love the hospitality, the kind interaction between strangers that I'm honestly still terrible at. It comes so naturally to my husband, and for me I've just been surround by " mind your own business" kind of thing. I love the smell of the fresh air, the quaint homes, the pretty churches, the slow-down lifestyle.
Trust me it's not all fried chicken & cornbread ok people there's things I don't understand. I  easily see that when my husband & I disagree or have different viewpoints on things. I know it's ok, we were just raised on opposite ends of the country. He will say things that I will literally out of total shock be like I can't believe you just said that, I can't believe you like that, I can't believe you believe in that! All joking aside. When I disagree with him he calls me a Yankee. Something that used to literally get under my skin, because I thought it was such a self righteous southern prideful thing to say! but he's broken me down in a way where I'm softer. I'm kinder. I feel for people in a way that I never once felt before. I feel more open & warm. Feelings that I get from others when I go back to Tennessee, that I can honestly say I will never get from people on the west coast. It's just not that lifestyle.
I love what the south & my husband & family has done for me mentally, emotionally, and  ehhhh not so much physically haha! I have this unconditional deep love that will never go away for Tennessee. I never was raised in the south, and I couldn't imagine the kind of love they must feel & have for their own home. I see it in my husband everyday, and I'm so proud to be part of it.

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  1. I love you !!!! I truly enjoyed reading this and to this day I have yet to fry anything!!!!!