How I Study Scripture

Good Morning! Happy Monday to all of you! I've been wanting to do this post for a bit now, and I was just asked for recommendations on devotionals I enjoy, so I thought this would be the final push for me to just share!

A little quick back story: My grandparents studied scripture & prayer like clockwork each morning in the front room. More often than not I could always find my grandpa praying, reading, working on a sermon in his office, but my grandma...she was in the front room. I honestly picked up my love for learning about scripture through her, and my devotionals? Also, from her. If you don't know by now, I want to be my Grandma when I grow up!
This isn't something I've recently been doing. I've been doing it for years. The older I get the more interested I am, and the more I want to understand, but I was always practicing. I started off with two devotionals & the Book of Proverbs in the bible. The Daily Word which I'm still subscribed to! thanks to my ever loving gramma & The one year book of proverbs. I was always devoted to reading in the morning before I left for a full 8 hour shift of work! My roommate can back this up, as by the time she made it out of her room for breakfast she was always shuffling the bible & books on the coffee table.
Now, I know there is like a 1000+ ways to study scripture, but so far this is kind of how I've been doing it, and it works for me.
For starters I am Catholic for those that don't know, and I know many different religions have preferences on the bible version they use! I currently use the New American Bible Standard Version. I've come to use this particular bible for no other reason than this is the version that my family uses, so naturally it's what I've come to use. I've been looking at NIV versions as well, but haven't purchased one yet. I think purchasing a bible is all about how you would prefer to read it. I've scrolled through a King James Version & good lord almighty I will hardly ever be able to wrap my head around all the Shalts, Thous, Nots. After I'm done reading a verse, I'm honestly like WHAT DID THAT JUST SAY? but I also never grew up with that version! so more power to ya if you can understand it!
The NASB version that I use, I enjoy. It has a clear translation without the old English feelin', but still poetic enough that makes me want to really understand what I'm reading. I love the NIV as well because the translation is very clear & easy to understand.
Moving On:
For supplies I have a journal, a pen, and a highlighter to mark passages & verses that I loved reading.
I don't like jumping from different verses, chapters & books throughout the bible like some study guides do. It's too confusing & at the end of it all, I don't really remember much. So I start with a Book, Gospel or Letter & read until I'm full. which usually means I read a chapter a day. that way I can really soak up what that chapter is saying, highlight my favorite verses, write what parts I loved about it in my journal, and write how I can apply what I just read in my daily life.
I'm currently reading the Gospel according to Matthew. I'm going to go through each Gospel because I feel like it's a great starting point to learning about Jesus & his life. I've also been reading The Book of Sirach because that was one of my grandpas favorite books.
Some of my favorite books to read are: The Book of Proverbs, The Book of Sirach, The Book of Wisdom (all similar in a way), and the Letter of James. I love love these because it's really a wonderful outline on how we should be living life everyday. That's how I started even getting into the bible. I honestly was so bored & confused with the old testament & didn't feel like the bible was helping me in my daily life, until my Grandma mentioned these to me & I started there! I love them. 
I love devotionals I really do. I think they're great, positive & kind of drives it all home spiritually!
I enjoy reading mine at the end of reading the bible. I don't believe devotional books should be supplemented for reading scripture. I feel like to really love & understand what Jesus & the lord & the law is all about we should seek the bible first. Here are the ones I read on a daily basis!
The Daily Word: Which is a monthly booklet sent to you via mail- here is the link if you're interested! One of my favorites. Offers a daily devotional for everyday of the year.
Jesus Calling: An everyday devotional accompanied with scripture written by Sarah Young. I enjoy this one also. 
The One Year book of Proverbs: This is what I started using. I would read the passage for the day & read the corresponding chapter in my bible! I love it!!!
A Charles Dickens Devotional: I know that there is more than one literary writers for these, for example, Jane Austen. I love this particular devotional. It has something for everything in your life. Hope, anger, work, gratitude, money, comfort, joy, Jesus, relationships, forgiveness! They have excerpts from his many stories along with a devotional & scripture. I recommend this, even if you haven't read a lick of Dickens like me! Though I should start! Plus the hardcover is so pretty!