Happy Monday friends! I'm excited for this week because that means that we will be packing our bags & heading to Tennessee! Yay! 
Last week this topic has been on my mind, and I'm finally getting around to write about it:

Something that I think most girls & young women struggle with. Something that I think we should be more confident in embracing. 

Social media has this way of easily making you feel that your life's worth is defined on how creative & pretty your picture is, how many friends you have, how many 'likes' you get, how long or short your posts are, what you're wearing, what you're eating, what your home looks like. It's a worthless way to live! Yet are easily able to fall into it's entrapment. You might feel like you're always having something to live up to. Someone to be like. A place where judgment is easily formed. Hey, I felt that way & sometimes I still do! 

But then..I made a list. Like I've said before I love lists. I made a list of things that I LOVE, a list of qualities that I have. A list that no one has seen, a list that no one could judge me on. A list that was just Jordan! That when I put my pen down and re-read what I wrote, I smiled because everything I listed made me happy. It reminded me of what I love that keeps me grounded... that keeps me..well me. 

What kind of person am I ? What is my style? What do I believe in? What do I not like? 
My list is honest. It isn't a " I want to be like this but I'm really not list" it isn't a I knew it was popular or other people think this is trendy list & I'll be like this list. It was a ME list. So I thought I would humbly share this with you. It's comforting for me to share what I'm all about. It keeps me honest with myself, and honest with others that enjoy what I have to say.
- I'm a young newlywed who loves embracing marriage & companionship with her husband.
- My Favorite movie is Forrest Gump. One time I spent an entire week watching it every day.
- I absolutely whole heartedly love fresh flowers. I do my best to always have some around our house.
- I'm hardly on my phone. I'm not the greatest at responding to text messages, and I don't have a Twitter account, or Snapchat. I downloaded it twice & I could never get into it.
- I feel most like myself when I'm curled up in a blanket reading a book. I've recently dedicated more time to reading, and it really just relaxes me. It pulls me away from whatever is going on in my life, and gives me a chance to indulge in whatever it is that I'm reading. It reminds me of simple living. I forget about what's on Facebook, what all that needs to be done, and just occupy my mind with good ol' fashion literature.
- I still check out books at the library. I love reading from a book more than E-books or any online material you hand me.
- My heart & soul love to be in the kitchen. Baking. trying new recipes. I truly believe I bake with love. I'm slow & patient. I want it to be pretty to the eye, and delicious to the mouths it feeds! I never had much desire to bake & cook growing up, but right before I was about to be married I just couldn't help but want to learn all there is to cooking. Plus: I swear you're looked down upon if you think you can live in the south & not cook for your family. One of the first questions someone asked Reece was " Can she cook?"
- My husband & I share the same dream of building our own home, out in the country near his family, on as much land we can afford. A front porch being most important, and shutters on the windows second. There will be no such thing as a " backyard" or a fenced yard.
- I want to raise & learn how to raise a few farm animals. Mainly goats! our family has goats & they are the most lovable & adorable little things. Reece has so much to teach me about farming & I'm so excited!
- I hold this in my heart to be true that you don't need a lot of money to be happy. We just want to be comfortable.
- I love all my windows & curtains to be open. I love natural light. It's one of the first things I do in the morning.
- I truly believe in details. To some people details are irrelevant & useless. To me details are noticed & details add to  memories being created. I love little details to my home. whether it be dining ware, cooking utensils, baking dishes, curtains, or throw pillows. Our milk is in a glass jug, not in a carton. I like to serve my tea & lemonade in a pitcher, and set the table. even if it's just us two. Those things matter to me. I want a home that's simple, but filled with pretty details that when you leave my home, you'll remember it. You'll feel an invitation to always want to come back.

- My husband says that I want to live life like a romantic movie & he says life isn't like that. Which is true, but I try to make my life like that, because I enjoy all the little romances.
- I love teen movies/shows. I don't know what it is, but anything that is related to high school/teen story lines I love. It makes me feel innocent & young I guess? I don't know I just love it. It reminds me that I'm not old yet. I still have youth in me that hasn't left.

- I can't tell you what Christmas does to me, but it is by far my favorite time of the year. I like to call myself Miss Christmas. It's everything. it's all THE DETAILS. I just love love love that holiday. 
- Tom Hanks & Denzel Washington are my favorite actors. I'm not sure if I truly like one more than the other.
- I'm truly thankful for the girlfriends in my life. As a woman, a true best friend & a couple girls really helps complete the woman you are.
- I can't remember the last time I read a tabloid or fashion magazine. I'm subscribed to two magazines. Country Living & Southern Living.
- As much as I want to be a care-free & wild easy going young woman, I'm not. I have an old soul, and sometimes when I see the way other girls my age live, I feel like I'm not "living" enough. I'm not living the way my age should be.
- My favorite snack is chocolate covered strawberries. I make it everyday up until like two days ago. I'm really trying my hardest to cut back.
- I've spent most of my life living a healthy lifestyle, one I'm currently working on maintaining. I try to go to the gym 3-4 times a week. 5 if I'm feeling super awesome.
- I've never been a fashion-y or super trendy person. never really been into "clothes" I do however shop at boutiques when I can afford it. that's my favorite place to find clothing. not really at the mall. but 99% of the time I just like being in a tee shirt & leggings or shorts. Never jeans. I hate wearing jeans. ugh so uncomfortable. I also can't walk in heels. I probably will never learn. My grandma used to tell me when I was a little girl to never wear heels cause they were bad for your feet. Coming from a woman who was that classic well dressed housewife in heels! Anways, I still can't walk in heels. I blame it on you grandma!
- I do love beauty products, a lot. I can honestly say that, though I love simple living, I'm not completely low maintenance. Reece admires and loves a girly girl though. which is what he got!
- I'm currently in school to be a OB/GYN RN. Though being completely domesticated is what makes me happy, and my family & husband come first, I do not mind helping out, and working when needed. Thus, I think a degree is important to have for every woman. Aint nuthin' wrong with an educated woman. Plus I would be lying if I said being home everyday is just a walk in the park & super fun! I'm grateful for this time, I really am, but I always had a need to feel well rounded & complete personal goals of my own.
- No matter how many ways I paint my nails classic red is always my favorite.
- I want to own a silver airstream one day. I'm all about that Glamping life (I've never done it before but I want to).
- I don't belong in the city, I just don't. when we visit Nashville I love the time there, but after a couple of hours I say goodness lets go home! I want to hear the crickets, not see city lights & be in traffic! I won't lie though, I can't be far from a large town or city! I love enjoying city life every now & again!
- I can spend hours in an antique store. I enjoy finding one of a kind pieces.
- I don't understand Football. I just don't. I really need to up my game since this is an SEC house, but guess what I don't care for sports! I enjoy being at a baseball game, and I like college basketball but dear lord football you are so boring!
- I want to spend time in South Carolina. Charleston to be exact. oh the romance!
- Coca-Cola out of a glass bottle is happiness. truly.

- I'm absolutely in love with my Coonhound. Like obsessively. I've never loved a dog so much the way I love him. He's spoiled rotten, but I just love him so much. As soon as I leave the house I instantly miss him. When we drive to the city I talk about him all the time. One day Reece said
"Geez honey, shut up about the dog already he's fine!" haha!
-  I have an undying need to be as close to God as I can. I want to truly love & understand him more than anything. I will be my best once I learn he is the best.
- I love the Retro Eras- the music, lifestyle, there was so much good back then, that I'm always trying to keep parts of it around in my life. 
- I'm not great at socializing. I've spent more time alone than with groups of people. I wouldn't say I'm shy, I think in the past I was known for being judgmental & that clouded many friendships that could have been made. Something that I really have grown out of though. Finding God really has softened me. 
- I've always cared about my needs & wants, and it hasn't been until recently that I truly feel this heart for other people. I'm so thankful that has shown & being felt now.
- I regret the way I chose to experience high school. Sometimes I wish I could do it differently. My husband on the other hand was apparently the most popular guy in school. haha! he loved it. He says he can't wait to go to his high school reunion, and me I'm like ehhh better not.
- I love my family, I love everything about a large family. We know each others business, we fight & we love, and they are my home! I just absolutely am a woman of family!
I embrace my imperfections, but I believe in myself. I do. I want to be a kind & caring person that wants to spend more time helping others, than myself. A reoccurring theme I've noticed in the bible. I try to be thankful for every little thing that comes my way. Even this moment, right now. I think about God, giving me this.
If you read all that, then I appreciate you taking an honest interest in me! I think women should stop trying to emulate one another & start being their beautiful self! When I stopped caring about other women's lives & comparing them to mine, I was really able to flourish. I started this blog, I live my life exactly the way I want to, I inspire women around me, and it all started from just being confident in sharing my light with others. I've made friends from my honesty & I think that's what life's all about.
honesty. humility.humbleness
Sit down with a notebook & a pen, maybe a cup of coffee or a glass of sweet tea. maybe neither. maybe you're a no sugar in my tea kind of gal. Write out what you love. be honest with yourself.
This is me. a lover of God and his word, a domesticated housewife, a love for the romantic & simple things in life.

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  1. You will make a great nurse and mother. Always remember to be yourself!!!!! I love and miss you.