My Homegrown Honey

Happy Tuesday sweet friends! I'm so overwhelmed with gratitude & humbleness regarding my last post. I had a full heart reading the sweet comments & messages I recieved. It was by far the most viewed & read entry so far & I couldn't be more thankful for the kindness I received from others about it. 

I truly want to inspire, love , lead & befriend other women through my honesty. I think this world needs a lot less bae, basic, and "fleek" !!?! (Just saw that one on Instagram & literally had to urban dictionary the word. ) and we need more manners, Jesus, sweet tea, and humility. So thank you for those that follow along, and feel inspired. Especially those who message me about church, seeking God more often & advice on scripture. It makes me feel full of joy! 

I thought today I would share with you Reece & I's story! Or maybe just talk about him some! Who knows what I'll end up writing! 

Ok so his name is Lewis in the south & everywhere else it's Reece. He introduces himself as Reece so visit him in AZ & it's Reece or visit him in TN & it's like who's Reece? It's a military thing.

We met when he was stationed in Arizona in spring of 2012. I was still experiencing being young & 21 which really was just me working full time & going to school. My best friend has such an incredible free spirit & down for whatever personality that she insisted I go out on the town with her. I said no! I don't like going out! Long story short we went out on the town with our friends & my ma!
 No shame in saying that now, I love being out with my mom, I was shy about it at first but it was just a blessing in disguise I suppose!

We headed to a country bar & that's where it all started! Yep! We met at a bar! It was nothing sweet and exceptionally romantic, it was just in the middle of enjoying & experiencing life that he just popped up! He was there with his two buddies which happened to be twins haha! He saw me, and my mom introduced us. Wait your mom?! Yeah..they knew each other from meeting a previous time! How funny. Anyways while his friend was teaching me to 2-step, Reece asked my mother for a dance. He told my mom how gorgeous he thought I was & how terribly he would love to date me. My mom being all maternal on me insisted that he couldn't haha! But at the end of the evening she passed him my number &  we left so I could see other "bars" though I really just wanted to stay there. He called me the next day to ask me out on a date. 

I remember telling my best friend about it, and of course with girl talk she says: " where do you think he's going to take you" I literally respond saying " I don't know he's from the country he'll probably ask me to Texas Roadhouse since that's the most country/western restaurant we have in the city." I know, completely stereotyping him right ? Well guess where he asks me on a date to? Texas Roadhouse! Yep! I didn't mind at all though, cause who doesn't love a little TR? 

When it was the night of our date he was wearing a Tractor Supply Co. Hat, jeans so worn & torn I thought I might need to stitch them together right then & there. He had on a plaid button up, and cowboy boots.When I saw him, immediately I was like wow he's not from around here. 

He sure wasn't, with an accent so thick I literally melted like a girl would. I don't remember anything
 we talked about our first date. Boy was he a charmer though! 

We were inseparable ever since, he would bring me home a bouquet of flowers that he would pick out 
at the floral shop on his pay days on his way to my apartment. shortly after we had been dating for a few months we found out he received orders to South Korea for a year. That was definitely a huge 
trial for us, but we came out on top. He proposed, and we were married a week after his return! All so fast, but a wonderful adventure at that! 

Our first picture together from a disposable camera! 

  The Wreck Country Bar summer of 2012

Visiting his home for the first time! 

He proposed! 

He is an incredible man with an unbelievable amount of pride for where he's from. He's a gentleman. he opens my doors, he thanks me for supper, and things like that. He's not a movie type country guy romantic. He gives me his best, and sometimes I have to kind of tell him what I want haha! 

He's always on time. Like always. He always believes in being on time. If you arrive somewhere on the dot you're late. He works hard, and will literally help anyone without question if they need it. It's an incredible characteristic to have. For example we were at a local store in town here in Missouri & he noticed the store owner had furniture in the back of his truck, well Reece took notice and asked if he would like help unloading his truck! It's as if strangers aren't strangers to him, there just someone who he hasn't struck up a conversation with yet! We were visiting California one time & we were parking to head to the beach when he noticed a small group of guys hanging out by their truck admiring their catch of the day. Not even out of the car he says I'll be back I'm going to talk to them! Me being all west coast girl I say " wait you don't even know them!" He says " yeah so! I want to see what they caught!" 

He's experienced a life that I honestly never had. A life of struggle & hard times. I respect him for it. He loves his country music, western movies, classic rock like no one else, and Jack Daniels. He only drinks his tea sweet, chocolate gravy & biscuits are always a good idea, and fishing is his to me of course haha! The best kind of hunting is coon hunting, and he loves his family's land. He doesn't care about what's cool or what's in style, what's new or what everyone else around him is doing. He's everyone's friend, the life of the party, the conversationlist. He thinks Matthew McConaughey is a God, and believes trucks are for men & girls need to be girls. I pick up more spit bottles & glasses around the house then I do socks. I really can't wait for him to break the habit. When he's had a few drinks in him he will tell you all about how he will be mayor of a town one day. He can break a horse better than anyone in the county.. so I hear. Physical labor is an honest living, he doesn't believe a fancy education is needed. He believes in earning a decent living & a few drinks while driving back roads is some of the best times to be had. 

He believes in me. He loves my faith in God, my conservative behavior. He thinks I'm beautiful & smart, and organized. He admires my total & complete devotion to being the best wife I can be, and my love & devotion to my family. He thinks my grandparents are some of the best people around & loves that I admire my grandma. My mom & him are best buds & don't keep em' together for too long cause they'll tag team against ya. I promise! 
If I could dedicate a song to him, it would be A Hunters Wife by the Pistol Annie's. I sing it word from word to him! 

So for ladies that are like where do I get me one of them? Down south. 

He's everything. He's my homegrown honey.