Happy Sunday sweet friends! 
I've really been grateful for this weekend, but It's been quiet because my husband has had weekend duty, and I miss him so much! But that's ok :) 

I've just been cleaning & really just curling up with my blanket & reading my book. We have a busy week ahead since we leave for his home this week. 

Since he's had to work a full shift I tried to make coming home as stress free as possible. I whipped out my southern living cookbook & found a sweet dessert to make for him for after supper. I made German Chocolate Snack Cake which was really yummy. I had a very small portion & then wrapped some up individually so he could take some to work for today! 

We also took our pup on a walk which is one of my favorite things to do! It's not as stress free & relaxing as it could be, because he spends a lot of the walk pulling and wanting to run and smell everything, but we're trying to train him! On warm days when we take our walks there's this little creek/pond on our walk that we've been stopping at so Pete can lay in it & jump in it to cool off! He absolutely loves it. It was a cool evening yesterday & when we passed the creek poor little thing was so excited to play in it that we had to pull him away! It wasn't quite warm enough for it! 

I've been up a little before 6 am this weekend which is just fine with me. I just make coffee & cook Reece some breakfast before he leaves to work like any other day of the week. I've been able to get chores done earlier so I can just relax & read! I've also been watching The Vampire Diaries which I am completely in love with. I love teen/high school based shows & movies so we've been watching it every single day! 

This morning as I was reading scripture, I just absolutely loved the chapter & it got me thinking to how I express my love for God & wanting to be all I can be for him. If you have a moment I really recommend you read Matthew: 6. I pretty much highlighted the whole chapter haha! I just love what it had to say & really thought about how I apply what was said in my life.

It spoke about doing good in order to be seen, praying in front of others just to be seen. I noticed that I share a lot of scripture or my morning prayer sessions on facebook & here on my blog, and I thought to myself, why do I do this? Do I do this just so I show my friends that I did? Or do I do this because I love to. I realized its the latter. I don't pray just to get attention from others. I pray because I love to. I read the bible so I can truly understand its law. So I can live by its law. So I feel whole & worthy. So I learn what I need to do to please God. So I can learn about Jesus. It takes away my stress, my anxiety, it places in my heart joy & understanding. 

When I share verses, pictures of scripture it's to inspire. To motivate. I want to share with others the joy that comes through quiet time with the Lord. I want to remind those to take time out of their day & just sit with the Lord. Pray. Read the bible. It's fulfilling In many ways.

My dependence needs to be on God. Always. I would pull out a favorite verse but this whole chapter just spoke to me that it best for you to enjoy the read as well!

It's time to do some laundry & clean our bedsheets. I can't wait to have a clothes line so I can hang our sheets out to dry! I really hope your Sunday is slow, you feel Gods goodness & greatness, and you bake something yummy! 

"it is good to give thanks to the declare your steadfast love in the morning." - Psalm 92:1-2

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