charlottes spring nursery

hello sweet friends! I know that this blog has not been kept up with, but I thought it would be the perfect place to share charlottes nursery for everyone to see! 

I had a lot of fun putting her space together and I really took my time with it. I utilized Pinterest at first for inspiration, but found that there were way too many ideas that it became overwhelming rather than inspiring. So her room really was something that I came up with in my head. 

I knew that I wanted it to be simple, light, and classic. I didn't want to fill her space with too many toys or books yet. I wanted her space to remind me of a spring or summer day in the south. warm & bright. So I started there!

After I found her bedding I was really able to take off with it. I realized that bunnies became a big theme. She has bunny animals and books, which sparked from my love I have for Peter Rabbit. I then wanted to include baby deer, ducks, and geese. The color pallet is peach, green, white and a pop of aqua blue. That's honestly about it! 

Her room isn't very big which is just fine. It's the perfect amount of space. 

I hope y'all love it as much as we do. My husband did endless amounts of spray painting and assembling furniture so I couldn't have done the majority of it without him. 

One of my best friends sent me this print, and it tied in perfectly with her room. 

prints with southern sayings kept the theme I was going for. The frames we already owned and sprayed with a fresh coat of paint. 

That pretty floral wreath I found at the thrift shop and is one of my favorite pieces in her room. 

for her changing station I utilized this wicker dresser that was handed down to me when I actually moved into my first apartment! Sigh, love having it around. 

oh my gosh I have all the heart eyes for this little fawn artwork. I love her little crown! All prints/art seen in her room were purchased from Etsy. Hands down my favorite place to get all my wall art.

the little side desk was purchased at the thrift store, and with a fresh coat of Pistachio colored spray paint it was a great addition to her room. 

the rocking chair was a 'new' purchase and we ordered it off of haywire I believe was the site. 

the rocking chair pad was one of my favorite finds, and that was purchased off of amazon. 

The vase holding her flowers is a simple diy. I took a large mason jar and hot glued lace around it. The jars were actually centerpieces at our wedding :)

found this cute basket at target to hold all the adorable blankets she was gifted. 

her name and her rose petal mobile were both from etsy.