a lil' facelift never hurt nobody

Happy Tuesday, Friends!
Charlotte is down for the count this morning 
So I just thought I'd hop on here and share about the face lift my blog received over the last day or so!!
Taking the time to blog again 
has seriously been a breath of fresh air and now that I've noticed a consistent re-connection with this long lost love of mine I thought a little tidying and freshening up on here was in order!

Not too much has changed aside from design and having a new web address name!
also, I continue to have the "mobile" version of this blog enabled so the layout will appear differently as opposed to viewing my blog from say a desktop or iPad. you may notice images appear slightly "fuzzy" in the mobile version as well.

you should see the "view web version" towards the bottom if you so choose. mobile version makes it a little easier to read the actual post is all :)

You're also able to pin any of my images directly to Pinterest if you hover over the image.
At the end of every post you'll see the icons to share the post if that is something you wish as well!

you're more than welcome to subscribe by "following by email" so you'll be notified anytime there's a new post. only if you wish! maybe you don't care that much, haha!

Thank You so much for taking the time to visit & follow along
it means a big ol' bunch to have you guys here :)