Arizona in April

fast forward a couple of months & we're headed to Arizona! 
by this point my family & I knew we were expecting baby #2.
It was a short little trip! but nice all the same! We went to surprise my dad for his 50th Birthday.
 He was surprised. very surprised. He cried immediately.
When he would share how we surprised him to his friends & co-workers he would tear up, haha! so sweet. I don't have a single picture of that moment unfortunately but that's okay it was still so fun and special.

Reece & I were able to enjoy a "day date" & it was so much fun! 
That's one of the best things about going home..Reece & I are always able to have a guaranteed outing together. They insist.
so if you live close to your family. appreciate them! 
we went to Prep+Pastry for breakfast and it was so cute! loved it!

I even enjoyed a looooooong real looong Target trip. We live in the middle of nowhere so when I get back to Tucson, we all know how easy it is to get to a Target. I also spy a lil' bump as well!
 had eggees about a dozen times. the flavor of the month was fantastic.

stayed at my grandma's in the "pink room". ya'll don't know a pink room until you stay at grandma's. even the curtains are pink.

we enjoyed a lil' morning at the zoo. She loved the turtles and chasing the little ducks walking around. She got tired so quickly though, so it didn't last too long!

that really was it! not too eventful but enjoyable all the same!