blast from the past: February

ok, February. February was sweet. truly. 
Not only did my husband get promoted but it was also Charlotte's birthday, all of the best females in my family were able to visit that month for the first time ever!
and I was secretly pregnant..I mean so much a secret I didn't even know!  
So there was a lot of good stuff happening in February.

of course it was Valentine's Day as well, and I'm a sucker for the holiday. 

- this was the month Charlotte really started getting the hang of walking. so so cute. 

- we traded in my cute lil' Jetta for a family sized SUV! I was so sad to trade it in, but holy cow once you have kids, you seriously wonder how anyone drives a sedan! the room is so nice! definitely grateful for it :) 

- daddy took this baby doll for cupcakes while i was shopping. going through all of these pictures from this past winter gets me really excited for the season, haha!

- this was also the month Charlotte took her first "big" spill. in the tub. she stood up, and slipped and banged her little eye on the side of the tub. I handled it really well. I mean it immediately turned purple and black and she was screaming naturally, and I called Reece upstairs which was probably the worst idea because he about fainted, threw up, died all at once. I wish I could insert a picture, but i don't have one. Reece pretty much wouldn't let us leave the house or take pictures until it "healed". haha!