blogging is my new instagram

when I first got into blogs many years ago, I had just graduated from High School. 
I was in my first year of college and blogging seemed to start becoming an outlet and form of creativity for so many people. and I remember loving every bit of it. 
my best friend and I were blog-lovin readers. 
we would text each other saying: 
- " have you read so & so's new blog post" haha!
- "girl, I'm reading it right now at work!"

 If I wasn't studying or writing a paper, some of my down time consisted of 
a cup of joe and my favorite blogs. 

I love reading a good blog.

It's a space for someone to just completely open up in their writing and share with the world, themselves, a few friends, family, whomever it may be what is on their mind. 

I'd be at a coffee shop or cozied up in bed just reading about their lives, stories, thoughts & ideas.
Then one year I felt like bloggers just took a big ol' dip into nothingness. 

I truly believe Instagram and some forms of social media have caused a decline in blogging. 
yes. there's still so many blogs out there. but the majority that I've come across are more for business, marketing, and promoting purposes and less the normal day to day life of a person.
{which for me was & is what I love to read}.

instagram in my opinion just kinda took over and I completely understand why!
you can post a picture with a simple or lengthy caption for hundreds and thousands of followers to read and see. easy.

but when I had instagram. I honestly was just lost in a sea of images. pictures that looked the same or the content of the image was similar with similar captions. -i felt like some of the vulnerability, thoughts, and authenticity of a person would be missing. Where as, I felt these things more from reading someones personal blog.

You also have that big ol' comparison & inferiority complex that can easily start tugging on your heart strings when your on instagram.
 maybe you start feeling less content with what you share because you see so many others sharing pictures that are getting more attention, or they have better "stuff" or they "look" more put together or whatever it may be. 

There are also the businesses and "big" instagramers promoting products that all of a sudden make you feel like you might need to have that in your life.

It became overwhelming. so i bid adieu{for the second time in a row} back in May I believe.
& I don't think I'll ever go back.
my time is much more free. I literally can't believe how much more productive I've been not scrolling through square after square.

So I come back here. to my blog. my story. 
This is space. 

My written thoughts and pictures of all the things that make my heart pitter patter.
and every-time I'm finished with something I've written. it feels so good.
I've used my creativity in a more authentic, honest, and vulnerable way.
It's almost therapeutic. and most of all it's fun.

I hope that those I see reading along feel a sense of positivity & inspiration and "feel good" after they've read my post. that it "sparks" something wonderful in their heart just as the blogging women before me did for mine.

this is less of a place with a million hashtags & a cute lil' heart icon to tell you whether or not a photo or caption you shared holds worth and value to someone else.

i respect it. 
i love it. 
blogging is my new instagram.