Charlotte's 1st Birthday

I had the absolute best time planning for her big "1". 
I loved decorating, planning, and being able to share to it with my family. 
My sister in law & her family joined us from Tennessee. & so did my family from Arizona. I'm still incredibly thankful that my grandma was able to get us all {AZ girls} together because it was truly a dream being in their company, loving on them and hosting them.We're currently stationed in a state where we aren't very close to relatives, so when they visit it's a treat. anyways. I kept Charlotte's birthday very simple. I mean simple. Her favorite food {still is} banana pancakes. 

 I went with a "breakfast" themed party and called it ' Pancakes & Pajamas'

i didn't have enough letters for the word pajamas on her little light up sign, so I had to condense it to "Jammies" ha!

Reece did an excellent job on that bacon right?! Holy bacon! haha

one of my favorites. so sweet.
 -on her actual birthday the following day, my husband and I woke up before everyone, drove to town, bought donuts, and did a donut cake. so easy. so simple.
i love how she's still in her Santa Claus jammies from Christmas!

- everyone was able to enjoy Charlotte in their jammies over coffee and treats.

she opened up all her presents from her family after we inhaled donuts

her & her lil' cousin. so sweet together

- Now, a fun photo-shoot was something i really wanted to do with her, so my husband and i literally created a backdrop in our kitchen and he took our pictures. he's truly the most patient guy because i know he could have cared less to hang tinsel and streamers and blow up balloons. i love how it all came together!

remember that black eye I was telling you about in my previous post? you can make out some of it here! it was definitely starting to heal by the time her big day came around.