charlotte's first halloween

I know, I know. 
It's August.

but I'm still trying to catch my blog up on some of the highlights we've enjoyed and experienced over the past year and I'm having so much fun blogging recently. {I only do it when Charlotte is sleeping, so either early early am or in the afternoon :).}

but don't even act like some of ya'll haven't already thought about Halloween this year. 
I've never been super big on the holiday but I love the cutesy Halloween Disney movies
and an excuse to snuggle & eat candy. 
What's even better is where we live it actually gets COLD on Halloween.
so it's fun and I've gotten more into it as the years go on.
THEN i had a baby, and now the thought put into a costume is much more fun and exciting.
I'm so stumped this year on what to do for Charlotte!
and I don't like being a last minute throw something together kinda gal.
even though she's a bit too young for the candy I know I'll let her have some licks of a tootsie pop and walk around the neighborhood so she can see all the cute costumes & craziness will be an adventure.
cutest Kitten ever. 
have any of ya sweet mamas with babes or even with no babes already put thought into what your going to be this year!?