blast from the past: Vintage Aviation

oh hey there blog, you're still here!
I just put Charlotte down for a nap & I was scrolling through this old, dusty, unwritten blog of mine & how much I truly haven't written much! & how i kinda sorta miss it! it was fun reading back on my old posts on what was going through my mind at the time & i realized that i have thousands of pictures that would be so sweet to document & look back on. my family is truly the best & i just gotta get it all out there. i just wanna shout out how much i truly love living life with them, haha! 
so lets do a little blast from the past to January!

- Hogfest! This was definitely a huge highlight for me. Hogfest is an annual squadron banquet or ball or whatever you would like to call it for our squadron. This year was my second year attending and i wanted to go all out because the first year we went i was extremely pregnant, so being able to enjoy wine & all the dancing never happened for me. {funny because this year i will be equally as pregnant as the first year, haha!} 

- anyways. it was a big deal for me {probably bigger than most} for several reasons. 
- it was our first fancy date night out since having Charlotte!
- i had lost all of my post pregnancy baby weight & truly feeling fabulous.. that i wanted to dress fabulously haha! {eye-roll}

- i never went to prom. and i regret it sometimes. and the theme was vintage aviation, so it gave me the opportunity to put on something fancy. {the theme changes every year!}

- everything about it was fun. from getting my hair done to putting on false lashes and wearing shimmery heels! It was really special for me to put so much effort into just one night. i loved  it.

  the banquet itself was also really wonderful. i was able to meet so many new faces in our squadron & enjoy wine with my husband & dance. the food was also really yummy. 

- I enjoyed seeing everyone in their blues. everyone is always so  handsome & pretty & shiny haha!

 -I did worry about Charlotte a whole bunch. it was the first time we left her for more than an hour! 
but it's a night out like that with your husband that literally reminds you how utterly and incredibly important it is to just spend time with each other. i mean so important. i hope there are many fancy nights out with this guy in our future.