what bread loaves taught me

Happy Wednesday, Friends!

last week I took about two days & baked some lovely women and neighbors in my life a nice big ol' loaf of zucchini bread. 
& I'm telling you it was so much fun baking for them. 
{I'll share the recipe at the end because I promise you'll want it}
 I stood in that kitchen for so long baking loaves but I didn't care how long it took me because knowing that I was going to give something sweet to the people I love was seriously so worth the swollen ankles haha! 
After I delivered the bread, I was thinking how I wish I could send/give monthly love boxes to my friends. haha! It's seriously the best feeling ever blessing other people for no other reason than simply to love on them.

when your in the military and in a location that is far from home, other military spouses truly, truly come to be your best friends and when you find some where you just mesh well, you stick to them like glue! They're gold to me & I completely treasure each one of them. 
This act of love only made me realize that I need & want to be way more involved  in my military community. I need to start with the spouses club in our squadron!

It's truly amazing how if your feeling down or simply bored to find ways to channel your energy to lift someone else's spirits and by doing so it ends up lifting your own. talk about a beautiful cycle. so you know what that means, I guess I gotta make more bread, haha! 
Ok, so this zucchini bread isn't just any ol' Pinterest recipe. I used to work for a company many years back & there was this woman in my department who was known for her zucchini bread making skills. 
I mean, we're talking a flock of people swarming her desk just for a slice kinda thing. 
well she was really kind to share it with me and it's the only recipe I've used ever since. I mean if you find something good, why change it right?
So here it is! it's really simple <3

 i didn't have any "cute" recipe cards so I just made my own,! haha that's how they did it back in the day right? don't need anything fancy!

let me know if you try out the recipe! 
don't forget to love on others!


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  1. I can't wait to try this....i love making bread! Thank you for sharing! Love you!
    Katie D.