what's in a name?

 I'm not sure what it is about pregnancy #2 but I have not "documented" or snapped very many pictures through out my pregnancy. Probably because being pregnant with a toddler is entirely exhausting. so tiring. It's going by very quickly though!
these flowers. i can't. i bundled a few different bouquets from Walmart together + this is what i came up with. so pretty.

 we've been trying to come up with a name & it's been incredibly challenging! When I found out I was pregnant with Charlotte, her name was easy peasy lemon squeezey. I used to write in my journal the names I wanted to name my future babies when I was younger and if I ever had a girl, I knew without a doubt, that her name would be Charlotte.

 but with this pregnancy it's been more difficult. We're really close! My husband did pick out a name and it's a really sweet & cute name. i love it. & i love the thought of Reece being really involved with choosing this little one's name. I'm very indecisive and I think I just want to be equally obsessed with this little girls name as I am with Charlotte's. I know that sounds crazy! haha! but when i'm talking to or calling for her, I still love saying her name!

 everyone in the house is still asleep & it's 9 am on Sunday. I've been enjoying the quiet, sipping on coffee, writing & coming up with ideas for baby girl's nursery since 6:30! I never ever sleep in.  I'm off to make pancakes like I do every.single.weekend. I think i'll cut them into hearts & add sprinkles for Charlotte {seriously Jordan, say Charlotte one more time in this post, hahaha!}