sweet wedding bliss


we attended our first wedding together as a couple and a family last weekend! 
I know, I can't believe in the almost 4 years we've been married we've never attended a wedding together.

When we first moved to Missouri, almost 4 years ago
I had a small job at a bank in town. 
There, I met one of my first and dearest friends who also is named Jordan. Ha!

We've since had babies of our own and now she's a newlywed and she made such a pretty bride! <3

She kept her wedding so sweet & simple and didn't have a wedding registry but I also didn't want to show up empty handed. So I thought I'd share with you what I put together to maybe spark some gift ideas!

It was a relatively "simple" gift but I put a lot of heart into it.
and that's what matters.

When I got married, a treasured item of mine was recipes handed down to me. 
don't get me wrong I love a good Pinterest recipe but there's something super special about getting the recipe handed down from your grandma, who got it from a girlfriend, at a Christmas cookie exchange party in 1967, you feel?

{my grandma literally left that comment on one of the cookie recipes she gave me. I LOVE it.} 
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So I thought with someone who already has a furnished home and is established, 
maybe this would work.

So I went out and bought a recipe box, not to mention the cutest recipe box of all time.
and got to work on a few recipes.

I went with tried & true, what my husband can't get enough of, kinda meals.

Your hand will be so sore, I tell you. It's like you need to train your hand to write out a recipe.

I combined the recipe box with the cutest heart shaped wooden spoon that says
"made with love" 

 it was so funny because when Reece walked in on me wrapping everything up, he's like 

"That's a cool lookin' spoon there!" haha! 
I always feel like a million bucks when Reece comments on something I've bought and likes it. 

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and a sweet lil' plate for desserts or whatever she wishes that says "love you more!" 
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I hope she loved the gift.

& I think this would be a great idea for anyone attending a bridal shower, a birthday gift, a gift for a girlfriend, teacher or mom, etc.

The holiday season is coming up so quickly and I think putting a little thought and heart into a gift like this is perfect.


  1. i am IN LOVE with this post!!! I have always wanted a recipe tin and im so gald you did this!!! I will be doing this for some loved ones for sure....maybe myself!!!

  2. gah, thank you! I hope you do it! I totally grabbed one for myself too! They were 50% off the week I went!