our slumber party

Let me begin with a little back story. 
Over the summer we moved Charlotte out of her nursery and into the guest room to make way for her baby sister.
In doing so, we sold our guest room furniture and my husband came up with the idea that if we were to sell our guest bed, we should replace it with a pull-out or "day bed" for when we do have guests. 
{you always have to be prepared for guests when your family are out-of-towners}
I loved the idea. so that is what we did.

So no, anyone wondering if this was Charlotte's bed, that's a negative haha.
She is very much still in her crib but we have the space for a day bed in her room as well so that's where we keep it.

Ikea had one on sale and we drove the hour to Kansas and picked it up!
Most of the time it stays tucked in and we lounge around on it, read, talk, and Reece kinda sorta naps while I'm on the floor playing blocks with Charlotte telling him it's "family time" and him saying
" I know that's why I'm in here". haha!
Anyways, on one of those loungin' around days he suggested we sleep in her room to see what it was like to actually use the day bed for sleeping.  
I HAD to take it two steps further and say:
 "lets make it a slumber party! a fort! we can have lights!"
hahaha. if you know Reece you can imagine his face. but he's seriously the best sport about everything.
So fast forward to yesterday.
 here's all the details about our first slumber party with Charlotte:
 It was incredibly easy and took 30-45 minutes tops to put together. 
all it required was push pins, some tape, and various sheets from our linen closet.
I went to the"party box" in the garage and pulled out the string lights we had. 
all the sheets & pillowcases with the exception of a few pillows are from my father-in-laws basement over 3 years ago! he let us take whatever we needed  so I grabbed every.single.floral.sheet.
heart string lights: Target's dollar spot during the Valentine season.

daybed: Ikea
I snapped the pictures above during the day when there was still plenty of light so you could see how we set it up. 
plate: hobby lobby during a week that was 50% off so it was like 2 dollars!

 I made a batch of sugar cookies that morning to have for our "slumber party" 
Then, that evening, we shut everything off downstairs. 
We took our iPad, cookies, Popcorn, and Pete 
and started our semi-slumber party. 
It was so pretty. it was cozy, relaxing and honestly romantic.
We watched New Girl and hung around eating popcorn and cookies and then switched to her nursery
rhyme show.
she danced on the bed a bit but by this time it was already 9 pm and she was tired. 

she obviously loved the popcorn
We turned everything off and got ready to go to bed together.
This was what I was excited about the most. all of us piled in this bed together.
but I knew there was a high chance that wouldn't happen.

backstory: we crib trained Charlotte right at 3 months. we never did co-sleeping and I don't know if that plays a factor or not haha. but with that being said Charlotte cannot fall asleep with us in our bed or when we travel and sometimes that makes me so sad because I want to cuddle with her, but it's okay. 

Sure enough she wouldn't fall asleep with us.. so Reece picked her up and placed her in her crib and she was out in an instant. We stayed in her room and slumbered and it was so comfy! we all fell right alseep. zzzzzzz

 Some of you might be thinking why I would waste all this time doing this for a toddler that won't really remember that night or even really appreciate it or notice the fort in all it's glory.

All I have to say is, anytime spent with my family is not wasted time.ever.
 Yes, Reece and I will be the ones to remember and appreciate our first "slumber" more than Charlotte will. she will just have these pictures and our story to remissness.

but we created a memory. & that is truly my favorite thing to do. to create moments that my husband and my family will remember even if Charlotte can't remember them right now.

some might feel I go over the top or I spend too much time on creating "little details" that don't matter.

Did Charlotte eat that entire plate of cookies I spent baking and frosting that morning.
No, but you better believe she took a bite out of each one, haha! 

The details are sweet. they don't make the memory. they don't make the moments shared with Charlotte and my husband. but they helped create it. They added that special touch. That extra mile mama went to show she loves her family.

So take your babies, toddlers, animals and all your family members and pull out those mattresses and build that fort in your living room. 

I pray I have many years of fort building with my girls and husband. 

This morning they woke up ready for biscuits & gravy {gotta make that gravy from scratch}, sausage, eggs, and cinnamon rolls.  

Reece and I sat on the back porch after breakfast and drank coffee while Char roamed the yard. 
uh. these are the moments I live for.