4 day weekends are the best

hey there sweets!

I have seriously been loving having a 4 day weekend with Reece.
we've been doing all the things as a family with Teddy in tow.
She's been wanting him and bringing him every where more and more.
these two! gah. They're perfect.
On Friday we went out to the city and did a little shopping for a wedding we had last night,
and all of the Halloween stores opened. So we took Charlotte and tried on a costume which was fun! I think we've finally figured out what she's going to be and I'm so excited!

I seriously love a good Walmart find.
No one expects it, every.single.time. haha!
well, take a look at this one! 
The cutest slippers for your babe ever! 
They had a chock-full of them too! for both your lil' guy & girl!
and for under 5 dollars I said "sold". 
I honestly had 3 different styles of slippers in my cart and as I was walking around wal-mart, I was asking Char if she reallllly needed 3 pairs of slippers. she stared at me blankly.

so I held up all these slippers lol and told her to pick!
she picked the kittens without hesitation. 
but I couldn't let the mouse ones go because of their lil' pom pom ears! 
I know {insert eye roll}
so I got both, thinking this was definitely going to be a waste of money.

I kid you not. Charlotte loves them. she literally loves wearing her slippers all over the house and doesn't take them off! I think they keep her feet cozy because our house is 95% wood floors so your feet get cold easily.

Reece wasn't even mad about my slipper purchase and said  "she's been needin' a good pair of house shoes" hahaha.

anyways, all that running of my mouth just to let you know "Hey, Walmart has slippers for 5 bucks and they're pretty darn fantastic."

I've been working on a project in my free time while Charlotte naps 
and I can't wait until it's finished!
I've been sipping coffee and watching New Girl this afternoon. 
Schmidt cracks me up so much, I was in tears and had to run my preggo self to the bathroom because he makes me laugh so hard. 

tonight is leftovers and a slumber party with Charlotte. We made a "fort" in her room and I'm pretty excited about it! she has no idea! lol.

 Reece has the day off tomorrow. I'm going all out with a big breakfast in the morning. I haven't done that in over a year! and then thrift shopping for a little "me time".

I hope you guys had a great weekend!