Charlotte's Vintage Baby Book

Our life has felt crazy these past few weeks, it's unbelievable!
The worst of it was when Charlotte caught a virus for over ten days and then got me sick
so we were both sick at the same time and let me tell you, it was awful! A sick baby is the worst thing!
We recovered and our routine is starting to go back to normal! Thank goodness!

I'm in my last few weeks of pregnancy. I definitely feel like i'm in my last few weeks of pregnancy. haha. I'm very tired. I mean just flat out exhausted. all day long. I'm uncomfortable as well but other than that things are good :)
During this time I've been working on projects, or what I like to call "pregnancy projects"
 and I can't tell if I've been nesting or if it's just me doing my normal! haha! 
One of the projects I've been working on is this baby book for Charlotte.
I didn't plan on doing a baby book. I don't even have a baby book myself. Do you?
If so, that's so sweet. When Reece saw me working on it, he's like does anyone even have a baby book anymore?  Most modern baby books I've come across today are extremely wordy. Packed full of information to fill out that I knew I wasn't going to be able to remember so I didn't bother.

 Then the best thing ever happened. The most precious and treasured baby book was gifted to Charlotte by my sweet-sweet-sweet-soul-mate-of -a-sister-friend, Lauren.
it arrived wrapped in vintage wrapping paper & the sweetest note from Lauren that I wish I snapped a picture of
but it's stored away!
I have truly and wholeheartedly never met another heart that syncs up to mine when it comes to the things we love. we're constantly taking care of each other when it comes to vintage finds, the best recipes, or finding ways we can both be better homemakers and spouses to our military husbands.
It's so refreshing to share that with someone who is as like-minded as you are.
So when she sent this to me for Charlotte I about fell on my knees {so dramatic, I know}.
The pictures will never do it justice!
This Book. 
One of the sweetest parts of this book is it's from 1956. Which just makes my vintage heart explode.
I mean literally skip a beat.
The illustrations and colors are absolutely adorable 
and I just treasure this so very much.

I spent months. I mean months. working on this.
Every-day during nap time and when I was sick. I would sit at my desk and work on this book.
 The hardest part was choosing the pictures. Isn't that crazy? I had thousands of pictures to actually sift through. The pitfall of having a phone! It's so incredibly easy to take so many pictures but you'll also find that you have thousands to sift through because you've taken so many!

I chose to go with the most candid photos! I have so many cute staged ones, but I wanted this to be such an authentic reflection of her first year of life.

For the photos I  used an online printing site that made it incredibly easy. Fox Print!
 I was able to turn them into 3x3 photos with self- adhesive on the back so I could literally just peel and stick them to her book. 
it was perfect! and mess free!

I'm not a crafty person. I truly love the idea of crafts. I love no-fail craft projects.  I don't care too much for doing super diy crafts SIMPLY because I'm such a perfectionist.

I hated art class in school because nothing ever turned out "just so" 
 This book was no exception, haha!
Regardless of the amount time spent, I still managed to mess parts up. Whether that was pictures that didn't perfectly align or errors in my writing. 
I suppose that's what makes it so perfect.

Here are a few more pages and illustrations in the book that are just too pretty not to share. 
Make the time to do these special things for your babies. 
It's good on your mama heart. 

I  hope this is something that she will treasure when I gift it to her.
 Just as I will treasure the time I get to fill it with all of her sweet wonderful milestones and memories.