home is where the heart is and mine is finally home

well it's certainly been a minute since I've talked about snippets of my life on here!
After having Reagan in November, it's has been chaotically busy for our family. In December,
Reece drove us girls down to Arizona where we would be for the next four months because he was deploying. He's officially home and to say I'm happy is the biggest understatement of the year.
To celebrate his return, we booked a hotel for the weekend in the Catalina foothills in Arizona, and it was a total blast.

We kept it easy on Friday night with cocktail hour at the hotel followed by pizza and dessert at Humble Pie which was really yummy. We were literally wiped out afterwards and went to bed so early. We didn't last long on Friday, haha!

Saturday morning was so much fun and woke up nice and early, enjoyed a lil' black and white TV and had breakfast at the hotel then left for coffee and a pastry followed by antique shopping.

he LOVES red lipstick and when my nails are painted red. he's a sucker for it.

For lunch we went to AJ's fine foods and split a sandwich then went back to the hotel and did a quick workout at their gym! it was fun!
we napped. NAPPED! like what!?

Later, we popped open the bottle of champagne that was sent to our room as a gift from my dad and sipped champagne as we got ready for dinner that night! such a blast!
There was a sweet gift basket from the hotel thanking Reece for his service and welcoming him home! I forgot to snap a picture of that but it was so sweet and thoughtful. 
I thoroughly enjoyed dressing up for him and putting on some lashes.

something i'll forever love about my husband, you'll always know where he comes from. someone will always comment on his accent or know he's from Tennessee. You'll never get the country out of this guy. he always sticks out in a crowd.

blue on blue on blue

It was Cinco De Mayo, so we of course participated with fish tacos and margaritas at Blanco's.
We walked back to the hotel afterwards and enjoyed drinks at the bar. 
 We spent the rest of the night lounging at the pool with drinks and talking for hours and enjoying the weather. It was truly so amazing. we have not been alone since the girls were born so this especially wonderful.

Sunday morning was sweet and we sat on the balcony and enjoyed coffee and watched the sun rise.  {I literally found the balcony when I started packing up that day! haha.}

until the next getaway...

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  1. Such a great way to celebrate Reece's return home!! Love your posts