if your a duck i'm a duck

It was the afternoon of my bridal shower when the " how well do you know your groom" questionnaire was in full effect. for every incorrect answer, I had to stuff a giant marshmallow in my mouth.

{WHICH BY THE WAY WAS TOTALLY RIGGED. I got so many right answers but on paper they were "wrong". When I confronted Reece about the answers to these questions, he said he made up answers to keep it interesting haha, whatever!}
imma just leave these here.

Question: "If Reece could be any animal, what would he be?" 
ME: A DUCK!!!!!
everyone else: hysterical laughter, thinking I too would get that wrong.OH, but I wasn't. 
I was totally right. When asked why on earth out of all the animals in the world he would choose a duck, my response was: 
"because he can swim, walk on land, and fly if he so wanted!"

well, we've been married for going on 5 years and I'm always telling him
"if your a duck, i'm a duck" 
So on Mother's Day this year, I couldn't have received a more appropriate gift. 
a duck necklace. Momma duck and her two ducklings (Charlotte and Reagan)
My husband did not come up with this necklace, haha! My girlfriend messaged me the link to this necklace and was like "you need". 
I forwarded it to Reece and he couldn't help but laugh because of the significance it actually plays in our life. So low and behold he bought it for me for Mother's Day. 
It's so special and so unique and the best part is it tells a story. 
and if reincarnation were a thing, I would totally want to be duck next to Reece. 
When I told him this, he said "you don't wanna be your own animal?"
Me: "well I want to be whatever you want to be. How cute would it be for us BOTH to be ducks?"
Reece: " but then you'll just be followin' me around all day and buggin' me and what not".
hahaha. he kids. If he's a duck, I'm a duck.