the day I saw my daughter take a selfie was the day I decided my social media presence needed to change

It was dinner time. 
Charlotte wasn't hungry so she was quietly preoccupying herself while my husband and I ate dinner. 
After what felt like a lifetime of quiet, Reece asked "where's Charlotte?"
he peaked into the living room, turned back to me, and then told me to take a look at what she was doing. I leaned forward and found my 2 year old daughter, standing with my phone, the camera opened and facing her while she so innocently smiled.
It hit my mama heart like a ton of bricks.
I was upset for the rest of the evening and it has been on my mind the last few days. 
All I can think about is how she learned to do that from her mama. 
She has watched me over a dozen times take pictures of Reece and I,  of myself, or of us two together. 
I never saw it in a negative way until I saw her doing it herself. 
You see, she has no idea what she is doing. She's simply mimicking what she sees others do. 
what I do. 

One of my favorite ways to express my creativity is through writing and snapping pictures of everyday moments.

 Never was I really thinking about the kind of impact it had on our children. 
Never was I thinking my online presence must be somewhat time consuming that my toddler picked up my phone habits.

I want my girls to know that their value and worth will never ever be determined through social media. That a like, a heart, a laughing emoji doesn't determine if they fit in or not. I pray that when my girls are in their teen's social media is a thing of the past and we get back to living our life without a screen in our hand. 
I want my girls to know me for: always waking up before the sun, for always having her bible out every morning, for her crazy addiction to coffee, for her love of books and fresh flowers, for cooking and baking in the kitchen, for freshly clean floral sheets, for my bubbly personality, for the love I have for their father, for my devotion to them, for making their house a home, for showing them where their true worth and value comes from, and for being an honest, loving, and vulnerable inspiration to those who need it. 
Not for that selfie I snapped.

not every beautiful moment needs to be shared or documented with the world. beautiful moments should simply be lived and embraced intimately in that moment.

Which is why I've decided to change my online presence. 
I deleted Instagram well over a year ago which has been amazing, I just recently deleted my snapchat, and now Facebook will only be used to link new blog posts and well...marketplace every now and again haha! because lets face it, that buy and sell page is amazing.

I love to share parts of my life, stories, recipes, etc. with my friends and family and those who simply are looking for a new perspective, inspiration, or uplift. I will continue to do that because i love it! but I decided that I needed to refocus on how I choose to utilize my phone and how frequently i use it.

instead of daily posts on Facebook I'm going to streamline my posts/writing to my blog only. This not only has everything in one place but also encourages me that when I do want to get online it's during the hour of which I spend writing and less on curating stories on Facebook or Snapchat. 

the selfie isn't the problem.
 the problem is how am i spending my time glorifying God and doing his will for me? am I filling it with 30 minutes of swiping snapchat filters and smiling in the camera with Charlotte? or am I teaching her a new craft or contributing to her growth? It should be the ladder. Puppy Filters aren't doing a thing for her development. 
"she watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.
her children arise and call her blessed....Honor her for all that her hands have done,
    and let her works bring her praise at the city gate."
proverbs 31:27-28;31

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