Reagan is One!

well well well 
our sweet sunshine of a baby is now O N E! 
i love her so much and she is such an incredibly happy baby
she loves to play on her own and is never looking to be the center of attention 
you just have to make sure she doesn't get left out because she will NOT let you forget about her. haha. 
if you know me by now, you know that making someone feel special is what I like to do best. 
and when it comes to a birthday in my family, I HAVE to do something. 
Making each family member feel loved is hands down what i love to do the most. 
I try and go all out. 
with decorations, their favorite food, and dessert. 
Don't be afraid to go all out for your loved ones.  
I will literally decorate my house and put in the time and effort into it any day of the week to show my family they're so special even on a Wednesday haha. 
Whether it's a promotion, a birthday party, a coming home from a TDY, an award, a dog turning a year old, I WILL do something. I love celebrating milestones. 
my family is the most special to me so i will always try to make them feel the most special. 
You don't need a ton of guests to make it a party. 
This year it was just us with the addition of our two close friends that were stationed in Missouri with us and are stationed here in Texas as well! how awesome is that?

if you remember Charlotte's first birthday I did a big ol' backdrop and photoshoot with her here
so I absolutely had to do the same thing for Reagan.
Reagan wouldn't do too much smiling for us though so we only got a couple good pictures but I suppose that's all you need. 

 This backdrop was surprisingly very easy but I will admit Reece put the entire thing together. 
I come up with the ideas and he does most of the execution. 
the balloons are taped on to a wire that's been nailed to the wall (haha see we go all out)
and then i had him stick flowers in between the balloons. 

For party and tabletop decor it's almost a one-stop-shop for me at Shop Sweet Lulu's. It's hands down my favorite place and I love all the unique and pretty decorations that are available on the site. 
It's funny, I have this weird obsession with party decor and I have a huge plastic container that just continues to fill up with something new. 
I keep and reuse all my decorations. 
I save all my garland and little extra pieces for another party. 

 the menu was hands down a kids a menu. 
from cupcakes to a basic semi-homemade mac n cheese it was really simple kid friendly food
Reagan enjoyed it! 
After I snapped these photos I stuck the food back in the oven to keep warm for our friends...and well...I left it all in the oven a bit too long and it sorta all dried out on us. 
I was secretly so upset by this because I wanted it all to be perfect and taste perfect and delicious 
but that's okay, it's not what the day was about, and Reagan ate it and ultimately that's what matters haha!

happy birthday sweet Reagan Elaine