I'm a twenty something military spouse & mama with a heart for the following:
I'm head over heels in love with my family! I know that doesn't make me incredibly special because many people love their families equally as much as I love mine, but loving them well, taking care of their needs, and being there mentally, emotionally, and physically is my number one priority.
my little miss Reagan Elaine. The baby of the family. The happiest out of us all.

my little Charlotte Mae, my eldest and sweetest girl around. 
my faith in Jesus keeps me anchored. being faithful is hard. growing in God's word can be hard as well. but over the years I've learned that the Jordan who is faithful in prioritizing her life & spirit around the Lord, is the Jordan that finds herself flourishing with happiness & kindness.
I believe one of the best ways to a happy home is a fresh bouquet of flowers. I try & pick one up each time I grocery shop. It's a mood brightener
I own more pajamas than any other article of clothing. this is a fact. I have a hard time turning down a good set of jammies. real hard time. 

At the top of my travel list is Charleston, SC. I've been wanting to visit for as long as I can remember.

I'm a big lover of the handwritten note. I love sending snail mail & love receiving them. 
I love taking pictures of my family & my home. I'm not any where close to being a professional but it's a whole lotta fun snapping away. Whether it's completely posed or candid it's so fun. 

details. details matter to me. and that's truly just who I am. in my husbands oh so lovely words the other day " you think about things that no one would ever consider or care to think about" haha! 
i'm constantly trying to figure out ways to make something more special. or make someone feel special. anything. everything. from decorating my kitchen every single year for my husbands birthday when he could care less about the streamers and balloons {he will always remember it though} to always baking something home made over the boxed stuff, flowers in the guest room when someone visits, putting our food on pretty plates over paper, going to the cute local coffee shop over Starbucks around the corner. I could go on & on. it's a blessing & a curse but it's just me all the same.